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About Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands is the premier global community of brand innovators who are shaping the future of commerce worldwide. Since 2006, our goal has been to inspire, engage, and equip business leaders and practitioners who see social and environmental challenges as an essential driver of brand innovation, value creation, and positive impact.

We Believe:

  1. Brands are uniquely positioned to align business and society on the path to a flourishing future.
  2. Those brands that embrace this challenge will prosper in the 21st century.
  3. Accomplishing this challenge requires a new way of seeing the world - along with a new set of skills, tools, and collaborators.

We are Home for Courageous Optimists

We are a global community of brand leaders who are tapping environmental and social challenges to drive innovation, business and brand value.

Sustainable Brands is home to a growing global community of passionate individuals who are committed to leveraging environmental and social innovation to deliver exceptional business performance and shared value. Global professionals in sustainability, business & brand strategy, product design & innovation, CMOs, and marketing leaders are driving business innovation towards a sustainable future.

Many people describe our community as:

Smart | Strategic | Passionate | Inspiring | Inclusive | Adaptive | Resilient | Respectful | Honest vs. Perfect | Fun | Happy

We invite you to join the community to see for yourself.

We are the Bridge to Better Brands

We inspire, engage and equip global brand leaders to prosper by leading the way to a flourishing future.

We seek to enable the success of better brands that are helping shift the world to a sustainable economy. As a foundation for business success, we've established four key pillars that underscore the work of the community.

  1. Redefining Value Metrics: How can we measure environmental and social impact and value, and then connect these measurements to financial value?
  2. Breakthrough Innovation: How can we move beyond incremental thinking to envision and deliver new business models and offerings that support a radically changing landscape?
  3. Transforming Leadership: How can we understand and become what's needed of us as individual and organizational leaders?
  4. Shifting Demand and Behavior: How can we collectively learn how to uncover strategies to close the consumer intention-to-action gap?

We are a Leading Platform for Brands

The business case is clear. Subtle shifts in societal aspirations mean brands must discover the ‘next economy’. Failing to engage with consumers on their new level will put brands at an increasing disadvantage. Sustainable Brands is the premier learning, collaboration and communications platform for brands who want to succeed.

Our goal is to move the global brand community from awareness of the issues and opportunities presented by today's pressing social and environmental challenges, to engagement and commitment to addressing them -- ultimately leading to co-creation of solutions. We identify trends, amplify new ideas and best practices, and facilitate learning through four key value offerings:

  1. Member Network: A 70+ global brand network of peers sharing industry challenges and partnering to drive value through innovation at scale.
  2. Live Events: This global conference network is the most respected community of brand innovators in the world with 10+ conference across 6 continents.
  3. Insights: A respected and trusted resource for trends, breakthrough research, new reports and related learning solutions to support accelerated change.
  4. Digital Platform: A global digital publishing and social media platform for sharing ideas and wins.

Our Guiding Principles

Serving as a bridge between brand innovators across all circles, we create space for systemic innovation.

By embracing the encouraging the practice of thinking in terms of both/and, the SB community supports open, authentic straight talk. Our voice is centered around three guiding principles:

  1. Focused on opportunity and solutions, not obstacles and criticism.
  2. Informed about what is, while presenting a sense of what could be.
  3. We exist to be a catalyst and connector emphasizing mutual respect, inviting intelligent discourse and celebrating progress where it is found.

Our Unique Perspective

We uniquely bring both creative and technical experts together for lively 'systems thinking in action' conversations geared to help brands succeed.

Sustainable Brands was founded on the belief that unleashing the best of our human ingenuity and innovation can changes the shape of business, and with it, the world. The desire is to spark new ideas by connecting people from different perspectives and disciplines with each other in optimistic, collaborative environments to create a shared vision of what is possible. The diverse set of creative thinking and technical skills within the community is what sets us apart as the preeminent platform enabling action.

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