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Purpose-Driven Partnerships Helping Brands Ratchet Up Promises, Create Shared Value

Purpose-Driven Partnerships Helping Brands Ratchet Up Promises, Create Shared Value

Panels and workshops at Brand-Led Culture Change explored how brands are forging creative partnerships to increase their positive impacts on a number of fronts.

Why Being 'Lazy' Could Be Good for the Planet

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - By automating the small tasks of your day-to-day routine, you are gifted back the time to focus on the most essential and important elements of life while creating much less impact on the planet.

Measuring & Improving Brand Portfolio Sustainability to Meet the Demands of a Changing Market

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The complex issues facing business and society demand complex and collaborative solutions; disconnected, myopic management techniques are no longer effective.

Responding to Cultural Tipping Points: Co-Creating a Brand Culture for Good

COLLABORATION - Keynotes from day 2 of Brand-Led Culture Change shed light on collaborative behavior-change and stakeholder-engagement approaches that are changing the way brands are creating products, stories and strategies.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Challenges Industry: ‘We Must Change the Way We Make Our Food’

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Foundation’s Big Food Redesign Challenge will bring together producers, retailers, startups and suppliers to bring circular food design into the mainstream.

The Dos and Don’ts of Successfully Engaging the Masses

MARKETING AND COMMS - Day one of SB’s Brand-Led Culture Change event was loaded with insights from brand leaders and influencers on the ever-growing world of impactful brand sustainability communication.

Regeneration, Reinvention and Revamping Retail: Finding the Sweet Spots to Drive Culture Change

MARKETING AND COMMS - Opening keynotes at Brand-Led Culture Change featured insights from unconventional brand partnerships and keys to helping people and brands alike move beyond fear and embrace the changes we need to create a flourishing future for all.

Anti-ESG Rhetoric in US Unaligned with Public’s Views on Business Imperative for Action

MARKETING AND COMMS - Two-thirds of US adults surveyed want companies to continue environmental, social, governance action; more than half have positive view of the term.

Data-Driven Tools Are Helping Brands Address Uyghur Forced Labor in Their Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - Too many brands have long taken a lackadaisical approach to ensuring their supply chains are free of forced labor risk. That is no longer an option if they intend to walk their ethical talk.

The Balancing Act of Employee Engagement and ESG Goals

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Employees are key to the success of any ESG program. But it can be challenging to strike a balance between engaging employees and managing company priorities.

Next-Generation Beauty: How Nature-Inspired Biotech Is Evolving Ethical Skincare

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Modern Meadow’s [email protected] offers a solution to a long-standing cosmetic and skincare challenge: finding a safe, sustainable and scalable replacement for animal-derived collagen.

Made to Measure: How to Tailor Marketing for Unique Demographics

MARKETING AND COMMS - It takes time for a new, sustainability-focused brand to build awareness in the marketplace – particularly in a crowded field. Here are five key things to keep in mind when trying to reach a hard-to-reach audience.

First Closed-Loop Metal-Recycling Technology Offers Sustainable Future for a Battery-Powered World

CLEANTECH - Aqua Metals’ closed-loop metal-recycling process is revolutionizing metal sourcing and disposal — and eliminating the negative side effects of EV battery production.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Unveils Five-Year, Net-Positive Industry Strategy

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Alliance’s vision for net-positive hospitality includes standardizing sustainability metrics across the industry and a shared vision for giving back to destination communities more than it takes.

3 Easy Steps to Transitioning Your Business to Solar Energy

CLEANTECH - The benefits of going solar come from a combination of reduced costs, tax incentives and how much sunlight your panels collect. So, no matter where you are, the benefits are easy to see.

Nurturing Mental Health in a Climate-Changing World: Another Critical Challenge to Face Together

MARKETING AND COMMS - As with other forms of anxiety, climate anxiety must be navigated with great care; and it is essential that the younger generation have allies around them when facing such an enormous challenge as climate change.

The Greenwash Era Is Over, But Are Our Communicators Ready to Step Up?

MARKETING AND COMMS - As advertising regulators, consumer watchdogs and even governments take a tougher stance, the risks of getting it wrong grow significantly; and the pressure is on communicators to up their game and back up their claims.

Logitech Partners with iFixit to Advance Circularity Goals

WASTE NOT - Increased ease of repairability will help to reduce e-waste and extend the life of Logitech devices, components and materials.

Michelle Obama’s PLEZi Nutrition Aims to Help Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

MARKETING AND COMMS - Building on her efforts in the White House with her Let's Move! initiative, Mrs. Obama is guiding PLEZi Nutrition’s mission to be a model for how food and beverage brands can support the health of our younger generations.

US States Cracking Down on Toxic Chemicals in Processed Food, Cosmetics

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - California and Washington are the latest states to attempt to fill gaps in public-health safeguards, thanks to a lack of federal protections against certain commonly used chemicals.


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