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New Metrics

The new and evolving metrics that are helping expand the way businesses create, quantify, manage and report their impacts, and the value they deliver.

COP15: ‘Environmental DNA’ Technology Enables World-First Nature Performance-Monitoring Service

COP15: ‘Environmental DNA’ Technology Enables World-First Nature Performance-Monitoring Service

NatureMetrics says new platform represents breakthrough in understanding and managing our impact on nature — providing simple, standardized metrics to track and report on site-based nature impacts.

New Metrics, New Narrative, New Models Reflect New Approaches to Ensuring Targeted Impacts

One of many recurring themes at SB’22 San Diego was the need for a new lexicon and new metrics for the regeneration movement, which more accurately reflect the level of work and transformation needed to not only avert climate collapse but to enable a flourishing future for all.

UN Releases Manual for Companies to Conduct Authentic, Context-Based Sustainability Assessments

The Sustainable Development Performance Indicators help close the ‘Sustainability Context Gap’ — in which less than 1% of sustainability reports produced from 2000-2013 measured corporate performance in the context of ecological sustainability thresholds.

Consortium of Venue Groups Launches Sustainability Platform for Large Arenas, Halls, Convention Centers

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. The GOAL platform aims to standardize sustainability reporting and processes across some of the US’s largest public gathering spaces — and entice the rest to come aboard.

Empty Words: US' 47 Largest Carbon-Emitters Fail to Incentivize CEO Pay Based on Climate Performance

A new report analyzes the executive compensation packages of 47 of the US’s most carbon-emitting companies. Where climate-related compensation ties were claimed, most were negligible, non-quantitative and lacked specific, climate-related pay incentives.

Quantifying the Benefits of Women’s Empowerment: The Missing Metric for Game-Changing Climate Action

The W+ Standard is the first globally recognized framework that measures and monetizes women’s empowerment. Empower Co. is engaging with companies keen to cement their women’s-empowerment programs with robust data — and shift the mindset around climate action from mitigation to net positivity.

Seventh Generation Launches Comprehensive Framework for Calculating Corporate Climate Impacts

“We seek to push the practice of corporate environmental reporting dramatically forward and advance a far more complete vision of authentic climate leadership free of finger-pointing. We consider this report a summons to arms and a call to action both swift and sweeping.” — Chief Impact Officer Ashley Orgain

Team of Scientists Unveil Space-Tech Platform That Tracks Carbon in Every Tree

CTREES’ global dataset provides a nearly real-time picture of the carbon implications of forest conservation and restoration at the local, national and global level — ensuring results from efforts to reach global climate targets can be accurately reported.

Study Finds Social Cost of Carbon More Than Triple the Current Federal Estimate

A multi-year study of the social cost of carbon, a critical input for climate policy analysis, finds that every additional ton of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere costs society $185 — far higher than the current federal estimate of $51 per ton.

How to Sell Sustainability as a Key Measure of Business Success

Cross-Posted from Business Case. When companies make bold commitments to sustainability, we all win. Here, we share lessons learned and ongoing challenges from three very different corporate sustainability journeys — to show others on the front lines that they are not alone.

Measuring What Matters: PMI’s New Sustainability Index

As we continue to transform and discover better ways to develop impactful solutions, we hope our transparency and ambitious targets will spark dialogue with those who can help accelerate the pace of change — to question, challenge and engage with us as we work on making PMI better.

Sustainability Metrics 3.0: Measuring ROI of Regenerative Approaches, Social Impacts, Brand Trust

At SB’21 San Diego, veterans from sales, marketing, certification, design, finance, agriculture and more agreed: While there’s no checklist for regeneration, a focus on interconnectivity, holistic approaches and actionable goals will lead to measurable ripple effects.

HowGood Augments Ingredient Sustainability Database with OP2B’s Regenerative Ag Metrics

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Brands and retailers using HowGood’s Latis platform can now further improve product impacts using uniform metrics and thus contribute to a global agricultural transition.

SBTi Launches World-First Net-Zero Corporate Standard

The Standard clarifies that rapid action to halve emissions before 2030 and long-term deep emissions cuts of 90-95% before 2050 are crucial for net-zero targets to align with science.

Why Does the SB Brand Transformation Roadmap Matter in an ESG-Driven World?

While ESG frameworks such as MSCI and Sustainalytics help investors spot and manage risks, the Brand Transformation Roadmap also helps companies account for social or environmental value and brand leadership — all are needed for a holistic sustainability strategy.

First-of-Its-Kind Methodology Provides Standard for Measuring Food Waste Across Hotel Chains

Accor, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Marriott International collaborated with WWF and Greenview on the industry-wide waste-measurement methodology.

Landmark Review Calls for Nature to Be at the Center of Economic Decision-Making

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. The UK Government commissioned an independent, global Review on the Economics of Biodiversity in Spring 2019. The report urges policymakers to start valuing ecosystems and says GDP encourages unsustainable growth.

Trending: Welcome to the Age of Stakeholder Capitalism

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Two global coalitions have committed to make good on their companies’ DEI commitments; and adhere to a new set of Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics, respectively. Larry Fink’s annual CEO letter expounds on the need for both.

New Guidelines, 2020 Brand Audit Aim to Finally Move the Needle on Corporate Plastic Stewardship

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Since scientists first raised the alarm about plastic pollution in the environment, brands have been slow to respond. Will the 2020 Brand Audit and new plastic-stewardship guidelines help accelerate an overdue shift away from single-use plastic?

Global Banks Launch Industry Standard for Measuring, Reporting Financed Emissions

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. The industry-led Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials' new methodology enables banks to measure and disclose the emissions associated with their financed activities.


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