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The latest products, services, design approaches and business models that are helping organizations of all sizes deliver on their sustainability ambitions and establish a new business as usual.

Why Being 'Lazy' Could Be Good for the Planet

Why Being 'Lazy' Could Be Good for the Planet

By automating the small tasks of your day-to-day routine, you are gifted back the time to focus on the most essential and important elements of life while creating much less impact on the planet.

Measuring & Improving Brand Portfolio Sustainability to Meet the Demands of a Changing Market

The complex issues facing business and society demand complex and collaborative solutions; disconnected, myopic management techniques are no longer effective.

Responding to Cultural Tipping Points: Co-Creating a Brand Culture for Good

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Keynotes from day 2 of Brand-Led Culture Change shed light on collaborative behavior-change and stakeholder-engagement approaches that are changing the way brands are creating products, stories and strategies.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Challenges Industry: ‘We Must Change the Way We Make Our Food’

The Foundation’s Big Food Redesign Challenge will bring together producers, retailers, startups and suppliers to bring circular food design into the mainstream.

Regeneration, Reinvention and Revamping Retail: Finding the Sweet Spots to Drive Culture Change

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Opening keynotes at Brand-Led Culture Change featured insights from unconventional brand partnerships and keys to helping people and brands alike move beyond fear and embrace the changes we need to create a flourishing future for all.

First Closed-Loop Metal-Recycling Technology Offers Sustainable Future for a Battery-Powered World

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Aqua Metals’ closed-loop metal-recycling process is revolutionizing metal sourcing and disposal — and eliminating the negative side effects of EV battery production.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Unveils Five-Year, Net-Positive Industry Strategy

The Alliance’s vision for net-positive hospitality includes standardizing sustainability metrics across the industry and a shared vision for giving back to destination communities more than it takes.

Michelle Obama’s PLEZi Nutrition Aims to Help Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Building on her efforts in the White House with her Let's Move! initiative, Mrs. Obama is guiding PLEZi Nutrition’s mission to be a model for how food and beverage brands can support the health of our younger generations.

60+ Innovators Against Plastic Pollution Call for Pragmatic, Inclusive Global Plastics Treaty

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. rePurpose Global, The Ocean Cleanup launch alliance of leading plastic-waste solutionists dedicated to empowering balanced and informed policymaking.

Why 2023 Is (Finally) The Year of the Sustainability Pivot

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Four key trends are converging this year to create a permanent shift toward sustainability across industries — with implications for tech innovation, the planet and companies that have yet to start their sustainability transformation.

Balancing Optimism, Practicality to Drive Architects and Designers Toward a Sustainable Future

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Shaw spoke with 'Metropolis' Editor-in-Chief Avinash Rajagopal about how to best tackle the complexity of sustainability, and how the design industry is adopting a more interconnected perspective on the subject.

Planetarians’ Tasty New Use for Spent Beans and Yeast Shaking Up Alt-Protein Market

The startup upcycles food waste and byproducts into a new kind of high-protein, high-fiber, vegan meat. Unlike most products in the crowded alt-protein market, it has achieved both great taste and price parity.

Patagonia Chair: For Brands to Thrive In These Uncertain Times, They Must Be 'Imperfect'

Cross-Posted from Leadership. Author Charles Conn digs into some of his disruptive advice for brands that make up his new book, "The Imperfectionists: Strategic Mindsets for Uncertain Times."

Of Course, Nature Can Save Our Hot, Polluted Cities: Meet the CityTree

Green City Solutions has combined air-purifying moss with IoT technology in a smart biotech filter that can clean 82% of fine dust particles from the air, and humidify and cool it by up to 4°C.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Launches Database of Circular Startups

The Foundation invites businesses to discover startups through its Circular Startup Index to help accelerate innovation that facilitates transition to a circular economy.

2 Biotech Startups Are 3D Printing ‘Fish’ to Give the Ocean a Rest

Mycorena and Revo Foods have combined mycelium-based protein and 3D printing to create a potential win-win for seafood fans and overexploited fish populations.

Coach Launches Community-Powered, Circular Sub-Brand, Coachtopia

Coachtopia was co-created with a community of fashion enthusiasts, creatives, entrepreneurs, activists and more. Coach says it’s a platform for change in which Gen Z can help create the fashion future they want to see.

Meet the Company Extending the Life of Some of Our Most Common (and Uncommon) Waste Streams

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Through a nationwide network of independent haulers and reverse-recycling carriers linked through an app-based platform, CheckSammy brings long-overdue change to an outdated waste-management and recycling industry.

How eCommerce Retailers Can Satisfy Today’s Sustainability-Demanding Shoppers

Gen Z shoppers are more informed about what sustainability should look like in practice — but whether they know it or not, their shopping habits don’t always reflect that. Either way, retailers are striving to keep up sustainably.

Tourism Offers Gateway for Youth-Focused Climate Action, Sustainability

Kids will care for the planet long after the adults in the boardroom are gone. Involving them in sustainability and climate initiatives through tourism now is a natural gateway to positively shaping the future.


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