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Who is Simpson?

Simpson Performance Products is a world-renowned company that supplies parts for the motorsport industry. Based in the US, the company offers safety equipment used in racing such as driver suits, helmets, harnesses, head restraint, racing shoes, and more. Today, they have been the market leader, and their products can be seen in almost all racing disciplines anywhere in the world.

Built Out of Realization

During the early years of motorsport racing, safety is not the prerogative of most racing drivers and race organizers. In 1958, the company’s founder who was only 18 at that time got involved in a racing accident and broke both his arms, realizing the need for safety equipment to eliminate these mishaps. After years of trial and error, they were able to perfect their product. Thus Simpson products were born.

Years of Perfection

The very first prototype Simpson created was a chute made out of military surplus parts. This ended up putting their car up the tree and them in jail. But with continuous research and development, they were able to create a great product that has been noticed by Racing Legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits. From then on they introduced other safety apparels that have now become the standard gear for all motorsport racing.

Pioneers of Technology

Simpson has always tried to stay ahead of its game when it comes to safety. They help in designing the first umbilical cords for NASA. They also introduced the very first fire suit for motorsport racing which was used by 30 out of 33 racing drivers during the 1967 Indianapolis 500. Simpson has since been dubbed as the father of a fire suit. Hence, it is often referred to as “Simpson suit”. 

Purchase Simpson at Vivid Racing

When trying to engage in motorsport racing or any high spirited driving, one must consider their safety first. Simpson has always focused on this for decades which made them a trusted brand by all. If you are looking for a product that you could literally depend your life on, Simpson is the product for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their offering that would fit your specific needs.